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1. [2022/2] - NAV/Comms Engineering Specialist

To provide technical expertise to support the design, development, procurement, implementation, integration and maintenance of NAV/COMMS systems to ensure operational / project requirements are optimally delivered across the designated ADAC airports whilst ensuring compliance to applicable regulations

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Ref. Code : 2022/2 Posted Date : 10/01/2022
Expiry Date : 31/03/2022 Location : Abu Dhabi Intl. Airport

2. [2021/159] - Project Leader

To lead and manage the overall planning, execution, delivery and close out of allocated ANS projects in the domains of Communication, Navigation, Surveillance (CNS) equipment, Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems, Aeronautical Information Systems (AIS) and Airspace / Procedures in a timely and efficient manner

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Ref. Code : 2021/159 Posted Date : 15/11/2021
Expiry Date : 28/02/2022 Location : Abu Dhabi Intl. Airport

3. [2021/158] - Project Planner

To develop, track and monitor project plans for the ANS portfolio reflecting project timelines, milestones and deliverables, tasks and resource requirements

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Ref. Code : 2021/158 Posted Date : 15/11/2021
Expiry Date : 31/01/2022 Location : Abu Dhabi Intl. Airport

4. [2021/120] - Air Traffic Control Officer - Tower

To provide safe, expeditious and orderly operational air traffic control (ATC) services in accordance with the privileges granted on the license ensuring compliance with the applicable regulations and the certificate of competency relevant to the job function’s specific area of responsibility.

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Ref. Code : 2021/120 Posted Date : 01/08/2021
Expiry Date : 28/02/2022 Location : Al Ain Intl. Airport

5. [2021/108] - Warehouse Assistant

Handle, organize and sort material in the warehouses. Minimize time taken to find out items. Conduct labelling and packaging of items. Comply with and uphold safety and environment requirements and regulations. Liaise with Procurement Team for scheduled deliveries and with requesting departments for dispatching.

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Ref. Code : 2021/108 Posted Date : 03/06/2021
Expiry Date : 28/02/2022 Location : Abu Dhabi (AAUH)

6. [2021/42] - Warehouse Officer
Record material receiving and dispatching. Provide reports to management. Utilize the use of warehouse space. Minimize processing time of fulfilment. Oversee day-to-day operations in the warehouse. Supervise labelling and packing process. Ensure adherence to safety and environment requirements and ... More
Ref. Code : 2021/42 Posted Date : 30/03/2021
Expiry Date : 28/02/2022 Location : Abu Dhabi (AAUH)

7. [2020/35] - Air Traffic Control Officer - Approach
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The primary duties of the post holder are detailed below, however this is not an exhaustive list of all duties required and is not listed in order of priority: • The provision of approach radar control services, flight information services and alerting services to airc ... More
Ref. Code : 2020/35 Posted Date : 12/04/2020
Expiry Date : 28/02/2022 Location : Abu Dhabi Intl. Airport